Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Aloha! I wave to you internet people from the hot and sticky cell that is Irving Towers, as I suffer the unpredicatble heat of a British summer and cough up gunk created by some sort of cold virus thingy I got at the weekend.

It's been rather busy here since the last update, not to mention frustrating as my internet kept going up, then down, then up etc. Now that the most important deadlines have been hit, my connection seems stable. I swear technology is self-aware and is prone to irritating me on purpose. This may well be due to the way I run my Mac ragged with my unreasonable demands whilst i draw at super speeds. Potatoshop crashed on avergae 5 times a day when I was at my busiest this month, so I suspect the machines want a peice of me.

For this update though, I have a cover for a new 3 part mini series from DC Comics called "Arkham Reborn", and it's all about the famous Arkham Asylum that Batman keeps sending nutters like the Joker to. i get to do all 3 covers, and here I present to you the sketch, the final, and some mid stages.

Cool! I like it. It's nice to do covers again, especially ones that have the kind of creative freedom as this.
Talking of creative freedom, GUTSVILLE has been cancelled from Diamond's books for teh time being because noone was sure when the next issue would ship, which is fair (though I would have rather not found out reading about it on twitter) but allow me to reassure loyal readers that I am still going to finish the story...though the current plan is to finish all 3 remaining issues before resoliciting them to avoid any further delays. So far, issue 4 is done and in between now and me receiving scripts for my 3 part run on Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin I shall be doing issues 5 and 6. The aim of this is to ensure that it looks as good as I can make it whilst also managing to pay the rent and fund my filthy habit of Eating.

Right, I got a week to beat this bug and get loadsa art done before I jet off to San Diego for this years Comicon! Awesome! I also need Tea!!

F xx


Blogger Pete Wells said...

That there's a beautiful yet very disturbing cover Mr I! It's bloody gorgeous, well done sir!

15 July 2009 19:22  
Blogger ramon said...

take your time, sir! just nice to see you're not scrimping on the quality. :)

16 July 2009 05:49  
Blogger Alex Moore said...

words cannot describe how awesome the concept for this is.

16 July 2009 08:53  
Blogger Wild and Uncouth said...

That is an exceptionally provocative and haunting cover, Frazer.

See you in a week or so, down in sunny San Diego.

17 July 2009 05:09  
Blogger Victor said...

GUTSVILLE!!!!! I needs it!

17 July 2009 05:29  
Blogger Geoff said...

Pretty pictures

18 July 2009 16:35  
Blogger Couture de Papier said...

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21 July 2009 15:24  
Blogger ashbarron said...

That cover rocks

12 August 2009 13:48  
Blogger Bill said...

Must have Gutsville! Take your time though, it has been beautiful and worth the wait. I just hope that you get enough pay work to keep you going while you do it.

20 August 2009 09:42  

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