Saturday, 17 January 2009


Hello hello hello my lovelies.

It was my birthday on wednesday & I celebrated this event the following day in central london with my comics buddies & some other friends, all of whom are gorgeous & awesome. So if you were there & you are reading this, then that includes YOU.

Unfortunately I mixed a couple of liquids that I shouldn't have & spent a portion of the evening eating dinner backwards in a most shameful manner, & it was down to a splendid lass called Kim to ensure I made it out of the pub & into the safety of some transport home. She in effect was allocated the job of Guardian Angel. I know not who it was that said this because at that point I was halfway between this reality & some other, but around 4 am I had sobered (she not: it seems we exchanged roles at some point) & after putting her on one of those LOVELY night buses I myself got on one & trundled home, experiencing one of the most trundly buses I have ever sat on.

That same day a feature on me ran in the local paper (see above). A short but sweet article, the writer was smart enough to edit out all the non-family-viewable stuff that we discussed, & they also printed a photo of me sat at my Cintiq drawing a 2000AD cover. For those interested parties, I will upload a scan of the interview in a few days so as not to steal any potential custom that this newspaper may hope to get thanks to my mention of it here. What fun to read when slightly hungover.

Artworks continue to mesh, as I start drawing an Azrael mini series for DC comics, plus I have the late but great GUTSVILLE still gnashing away in the background, plus more covers for Top Cow comics (who recently let go one of my favorite editors, the splendid Rob Levin) & I am also learning how to play the drums. YAY!

Later this month I'll be giving a lecture at Leeds university to a bunch of art students, & shortly after that it's time for the NEW YORK COMICON!!!!!!! Which means more mixing of liquids & interdimensional merging.

Man, it's WINDY outside. My love to all of you & your kin. Especially to my Guardian Angel for guiding me into sobriety during friday morning :D



Blogger Peter Rodriguez said...

wow, you are reload after your birthday with a lot of great project

Rock the drum!


22 January 2009 21:19  
Blogger Wild and Uncouth said...

Congrats on the write-up in the newspaper, Frazer!
That's awesome.

I wish I could make it to NYCC, but so far this year the only thing I know I'm going to is SDCC. So hopefully I'll run into to you there!

23 January 2009 02:50  
Blogger Zeruel said...

Dear sir,

I am a French student from the University of Lille 3, where I study English-French Translation. To complete my degree, I have to write a lexicography dissertation, which consists in making a glossary on a very precise subjet. I chose to write mine about the technical vocabulary of comic books conception. The goal of my dissertation is to gather the words of the comic books jargon, in the English and French languages and to organise them into a glossary. I decided to focus only on the conception aspect (like framing, cropping, the different kinds of panels or the representation of movement) rather than the practical aspect (inking, lettering, printing). Since last September, I've been gathering French and English words and phrases, and tried to sort and define them. However, I now need the advice of professional comic artists to ask them about the actual use of some words I've found, or even to suggest other words and expressions. Would you mind taking some time to answer my questions ?



24 February 2009 14:12  
Blogger EFF said...

Frikkin' update more!!

04 March 2009 07:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hurry the hell up with gutsville already!!!!!!

17 March 2009 02:31  
Blogger EFF said...


(PS the last one was not me)

18 March 2009 07:26  
Blogger dannbradfc said...

cheers for sketch on Sat at signing, even though you described it as the worse you had ever done. It was the one of mu girlfriend on my mobile. I also have it in writing that you are gonna finish Gutsville. You and Spurrier were a good laugh and are cool dudes. Much love and many thanks my sketch will be treasured however i would now like to own some original art of yours as its the best. How/where can i get this???? should have asked you on Sat but dint wanna take up to much of your time. i came all the way down from sunny Bradford to London with some mates on a stag do but to and see you lot though however briefly was worth it cheers danny

23 March 2009 00:02  

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