Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Greets, mortals.

Here in Irving Towers business is brisk, with many different drawings being made for many different people. Some take precedence over others sadly, but the latest have been for a good cause. The above image of the Wizard Dog is for a Dog shelter in Zagreb, and they needed soem cash so a bunch of designers/artists were asked to make greeting cards or posters based around the dogs so that these could then be sold and the proceeds put towards some blankets etc for the pooches.
The image above this is a snippet from my next Darkness cover, which ties in neatly to me plugging my 2 page contribution to the Darkness ish 75 anniversary thingy, which is what I'm wrestling with right this minute. Well, I'm not doing it RIGHT now cos I is typing, but once this is uploaded I'm getting straight back to it.

Had a splendid day/evening in London on saturday hanging out with the Crazy Katz from the Lundon Underground Comics scene, where I got a bit tipsy and probably said many vulgar things to some very nice people, but I hope I didn't make too many new enemies. Or start any rumours, cos I'm a good boy m'kay? Was much delighted to find that the small press scene is just the same (if not better) than it was back when I did it during the Iron Age and the personalities involved are even more entertaining than my old crew. They're way cuter too, tho I hope that didn't affect my judgement...

Now I draw again. HURRAH!!

F xo


Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

Grand stuff !!

20 December 2008 22:17  
Blogger EFF said...

How come you never render the entire thing? The flesh bits on her look beyond awesome. Someday you should paint the entire figure and not cop out on the clothes/hair. Then you would be unstoppable.

24 December 2008 22:53  
Blogger Frazer Irving said...

I like it like that! It's contrast.

25 December 2008 16:36  

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