Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Greets, my lovelies.
Above is a cover I have recently drawn for "The Darkness" which is published by Top Cow. Dunno which issue it is yet but it'll be the one published in about 3 months. Lemme know what u think of it, eh?

So lately I been hopping around at conventions again. France was fun if a little bit hard work what with the 8 hour sketching sessions which we were not warned about, and Leeds was also fun despite the hangover that totalled me mid-sketch on saturday. Best things about both were that A) I got to hang out with old buddies I hadn't seen in ages, B) I got to make some NEW buddies in the biz, C) I got to meet some lovely consumers/fans/punters and finally D) each con had it's own hot babe for me to fixate on. The recipe for a good comicon if ever I saw one.

If I met u or spoke to you at either Lille or Thought Bubble then hello again, it was a pleasure. And if u got a sketch, then LOOK AFTER IT. THAT'S A BIT OF MY SOUL THERE.

I kinda need to get back to the drawing now to earn me some Xmas pennies, but I'll be posting more pix as and when they are ready for mortal consumption. Till then, keep it tight.

F xo


Blogger Peter Rodriguez said...

From the Previews Catalog it´s "the Darkness # 10 / 74" (I think 74 means the number of the first vol.)

And I told you it´s a great work with nice texture between the deep dark and "your green".

BUT I forgot to tell you about the character is Joey Ramone ;)

19 November 2008 13:32  
Blogger james corcoran said...

Wonderful stuff Frazer!

I'm always amazed at your colour work, you seem to have a unique ability to be able to find and use colours that no one else would and make it work, and then some!

Best wishes


19 November 2008 15:26  
Blogger Impulso said...

I'm curious about how many "Frazerised" Jokers you ended up drawing in Lille...

And about warning about stuff at the con, I wished they would have warned about anything at all -_-

19 November 2008 20:34  
Blogger Frazer Irving said...

The Frazer-Joker is now my staple con sketch, along with Klarion and Judge Death. They all have the same mouth, u see.

And thankyew James and Pedro for the splendid words of praise. In my ivory tower it is easy to get too critical of things...

20 November 2008 09:22  
Anonymous Loreen Molle said...

It's very great your drawing! The colour are so wonderful!! I'm delighted that fans pleased you because you pleased them by your kindness and your accessibility!! I felt in love about the smile of your joker! Very amazing! I think that everybody want a joker because of the film but it is above all a greatest character! So complex! I hope that you will com again in France! Good luck for your work!! Bisous de France ;)

23 November 2008 14:34  
Blogger Massacremike said...

Nice work, mate. Looks particularly moody. And The Darkness is a very cool character.

Just wonder what medium you're working with here? Your illustrations below look like ink and marker. Is that correct?

02 December 2008 16:20  
Blogger DRoP said...

I love all your stuff ^_^

12 December 2008 15:49  
Blogger Frazer Irving said...

Oh youse guys (and gals), you make me blush.
Loreen: I will certainly return to france, and in fact I've already been invited to another festival there but I haven't said yes yet...
Massacremike: all art is fotoshop :D A cunning illusion, no?
DRoP: I love your stuff too :)

12 December 2008 16:12  
Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

Superb work !!!

20 December 2008 22:17  
Anonymous Lokorst said...

Hi !
It was a real pleasure to met you at Lille. You went on saturday morning visit us on our stand (VHB - a self published french comic), and you help us to feel more on the right place.

Hope we'll meet again !

07 January 2009 13:37  

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