Tuesday, 28 October 2008

O busy Bee...

Well, thanks to an unexpected (and welcome) gig doing some art for advertising I didn't do the 24HR comic. Yet. Yes, it seems that 2008 has been one long exercise in procrastination for one reason or another, but as winter creeps upon me I hope that will all change and I can get back to being the busy busy bee I was back in the mists of time.

As the paying gigs take precedence over all else the 24HR exercise will be done once I get this Ad gig and some tutorials for ImagineFX out of the way, and then I will have to decide if it's actually worth showing online. One idea I had was to film the whole thing on the computer using snapsproX, but then I realised that 24 hours of that would probably kill my processor, so I am looking into alternative ways to document and thus prove my 3rd 24HR experience.

Weekend just gone I was at the MCM Expo in London's Docklands, where I got to hang out with some folks from the Wire and Heroes and Battlestar Galactica which was nice, and I was also witness to the largest gathering of 10-15 year old cosplayers brandishing their "Free Hugs" signs EVER. It was only when I saw the new mutation of "running hugs" where the "Huggee" stands in the center of a large ring of other cosplayers, and the "hugger" takes a running leap at them climaxing in a spinning hug that often went out of control that I realised that if there had been Manga cons when I was a kid my social development would have been distinctly different. That's not to say it would have been BETTER, but I woulda turned out DIFFERENT...

This weekend I do the Lille festival in France. Dunno what it'll be like but as it's only a weekend I reckon it'll fly by before I return to Blighty to resume the scribbling. I'll make art to show this time, otherwise this blog will just be lots of words and that's no good is it?


Blogger dzuka said...

well, it's nice to read what you've been up to, but it would be even nicer with some visuals. : )

29 October 2008 21:50  
Blogger EFF said...

Who did you meet from BSG?????????

And I don't think I'll put my 24HC online, it's utter crap, haha...

30 October 2008 05:37  
Blogger Frazer Irving said...

I met Saul Tigh! He is awesome wikkid fun...well, he was more fun than most comics ppl I meet at these things anyway. My plan for next time is to get him high as a kite and then explain my Hulk story to see if it floats.

I'll send u my 24hr comic if u send me yours;)

30 October 2008 11:14  

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