Thursday, 16 October 2008

24 hours from Tulsa


Is it that time of year AGAIN??? Halloween and the 24 hour comic book day are upon me once again, tho this time I'm going to be doing them both on a different continent. I may even dress up for one of 'em and post the photos from the last 3 years to compare.

The 24 hour comic is a different matter tho. The past 2 years I did the whole thing in the allotted time frame BUT the pages looked shite and it was all rushed at the end. Taking into account my current output and attention to detail, this 24 hour splurge of rushed panels may help get the artistic metabolism moving a bit faster. OR it'll drive me properly mental and I'll wake up on sunday in a padded cell drooling like a leaky tap.

The first year I did it I foolishly used real pens and ting, and that meant I could cheat loads and still pretend it was actual comics.

Second year I used my wacom and laptop setup so the art was a little better but i didn't finish the last 6 pages.

THIS year I have my Cintiq and I also have no distractions. And I also have 2 years experience, and as with all things experience counts for a lot. No more full black pages. No more stick figures. Maybe lots of repeat panels this time? How far CAN I take the piss? Unlike the previous 2 years I won't have anyone publishing my efforts in one of those over-phat A5 collections, so if I don't hate it utterly I'll probably put it online meself and let thou judge it with thy critical eyes. And then once that has been done you can all start asking questions like "Hey, if you did 24 of these in a day, where's Gutsville?" and I can return to my misery-pit draped in my Cloak Of Shame to finsih the pages to issue 4. There's some boobs in this one and I like to get them looking right. Research takes ages u know...

For any muppets who live in london and/or are planning to visit the MCM expo in Docklands in a coupla weeks, I'll be there avoiding sketches and flirting shamelessly with any and all attractive females that dare cross my path, and I'm also showing up at the Lille comics festival at the end of the month, which ties in with Halloween so maybe I won't be doing the costume thing afterall. I might post links to both of those events after the 24 hour comic thang has passed.



Blogger Peter Rodriguez said...

"There's some boobs in this one and I like to get them looking right".

I don´t want to make a coment about this... but... I don´t...

Ok, ok, I will return to my cell.

Hey, Fraz! I can´t see the pages about the second year, please, show me!


18 October 2008 21:47  
Blogger EFF said...

I'm sure your 24HC will rule

However, $100 will be mine in December!

23 October 2008 03:39  
Blogger Peter Rodriguez said...

Hey dude!

I found in ebay some tpbs. about the 24 hour comics day: 2004, 2005 and 2006. Which years are you?

28 October 2008 15:22  
Blogger Frazer Irving said...

I did the 2006 one!

28 October 2008 19:30  

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