Monday, 6 October 2008

Brum brum brum

Greets peeps. Took me 10 minutes to sign in and get to my blog because the stupid "remember me" button that I click EVERYTIME I USE BLOGGER didn't work this time and all the cookies were gone. Pretty dang useless if it only "remembers" me for a week. New password and all that shit. It's almost as bad as MobileMe, the latest and greatest shame on the face of the interweb.

ANYWAY, I was in Birmingham for the Brum comicon this weekend. It's the first year I've gone cos I have this mortal fear of new cities, but I discovered that apart from the loud drunken jailbait that gets drunk every saturday night in the middle of town dressed up like some dodgy punk-rock rejects, brummies were lovely! Especially the barista in Costa Coffee who showed me where the con centre was on the map cos she was well hot. That accent can sound SO sexy.

Speaking of which, of the usual 3 photos that I take every convention I did pose with the standard cosplaying Harley Quinn on the first morning. I took a shot of her solo, then I decided I should pose with the lass cos it makes for a better memento (and I never take pix of cosplayers at cons normally...I feel like I'm left out somehow) so I gave my camera to whoever it was that was talking to me and then proceeded to accidentally bump Harley's boob with my right hand as I put my arm around her shoulder.

"Oh, terribly sorry" I said. "Thass o-kair" Harley replied in some midlands accent. Now THAT'S the kind cosplayer I LIKE. And dammit if only I'd got a shot of her as Lara Croft cos the costumes were very well done and I only recognised her cos of the shape of her nose.

I may have found a new hobby. Anyway, aside from that all I did was wander around the con and bug people like McKitten at their tables until I got bored. Then we did the whole drinking thing in the evening again and it built up until my good friend Lou (who is currently manager of Forbidden Planet london) got so pie-eyed that she decided to harrass John (Astonishing X-Men) Cassaday and smother him with adulation until she started crying.

This is the only photo where either of them looked vaguely un-wasted. And I care about my friends' vanity.

Now I sit back in my ivory tower, sketching warm-ups before wading back into GUTSVILLE. And if you're good, I may show a sneak peek of some covers I've been doing lately to pay the bills.

Fraze xoxoxo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fucking master piece

07 October 2008 19:51  
Blogger dzuka said...

now you need to update regulary, so you don't forget the password again! : )
c'mon, show us some goodies...

13 October 2008 20:55  

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