Friday, 18 July 2008


O my word, my website just up and vanished. Well sorta. In fact, most of it's still there but I decided to redo the front page cos the updating thing was a freakin pain in the butt, and I have so far replaced it with this blogger page.

I still need to get the mechanics of it working, add some pictures to brighten it up and shit like that, but gimme a coupla days to ponder on it.

San Diego Comicon (SDCC  as it is known) is next week and boyoboy I am excited! I LOVE Comicon. I love the sun, I love the sea, I love the millions of people, I love the really fit cosplayer chicks that dress up as Psylocke from the X-Men by wearing some dental floss and a band aid, I love the Californian herbs, I love...I just LOVE. Ok? Full of, squirting everywhere.

So After THAT I'll sort this shit out ok? Don't get upset. Just come back in the first week of August and all should be well.

Till then, enjoy the above pix and have a nice weekend 

xoxo Frazer


Blogger Frazer Irving said...

Egad, I totally ripped this whole thing off didn't I?

18 July 2008 15:23  
Blogger Zoë Robinson said...

Wow, that 'Atom Heart Brothers' image is fantastic. Is the portrait of someone famous? He looks familiar.

Have fun at Comicon!

19 July 2008 00:56  
Blogger james corcoran said...

Good to have you back!Love your stuff hope to see the rest of Gutsville soon.

20 July 2008 10:11  
Blogger Fen said...

oh hi!

22 July 2008 15:36  
Blogger Foley said...

I am out there.

Way, way out there. Codeine, take me away!

I'm glad someone else brought up GUTSVILLE, so I don't have to.



28 July 2008 19:58  
Blogger dzuka said...

hey, f! now i see you're on net again. i've been missing you. : )
it's a first week of august. i want updates with pics and drawings. loooots of them! : )

06 August 2008 17:13  
Anonymous jared said...

Yes, please, where is Gutsville? This comic has so much potential. It would be a crying shame not to at least finish the first run. Let us know what's up Irv, I'm tired of only having one book in my file.

24 August 2008 15:21  
OpenID said...


18th of July since your last post? What happened mate, you reject the internet? I love the Atom Heart Brothers art!

-Ed Kaye

Jared If you want Gutsville news etc head over to the Gutville Facebook page I set up:

Frazer and Si are both members of it, and if you are on Facebook you'll be send a message when issues are scheduled to be released etc.

27 August 2008 06:38  
Blogger EFF said...

Well, well, well, look who got with the times! Now all you have to do is update. Maybe we should have duels again.

28 August 2008 07:37  
Blogger colin said...

Any chance that stuff from your old site will come back? I was hoping to point a friend at that comic you did for Audi, as an example of really good B&W comic art.

29 August 2008 20:58  
Blogger gogor said...

hey hey hey! don't forget to write and describe how it was when you come back!

04 September 2008 23:37  

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